15 Amazing Secrets in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

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00:00 #1 The Sinistral Cross
01:12 #2 The use for Thiollier's Concoction
02:48 #3 Hidden pot bell bearings
04:17 #4 DLC Remembrance Sites
04:48 #5 Malfunctioning Smithscript Golems
05:34 #6 What's with this serpent skin?
06:32 #7 Moore's Cookbooks
07:55 #8 The shielded golems
08:10 #9 Scadutree Hippos
08:30 #10 How to pronounce Scadutree
09:03 #11 The Dancer on the island
10:02 #12 The Sacred Tower painting
10:40 #13 How to get Scorpion Stew
11:34 #14 When to summon phantoms
12:22 #15 Golems pet the slimes

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