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Podcast: From Seed to Significance
Hear listener love letters to trees that played a special role in their lives.
Medieval Chefs Would Have Liked Dessert Hummus
Recipes in Arabic cookbooks included everything from rose hips to cinnamon.
Penang Tropical Fruit Farm in Teluk Bahang, Malaysia
Discover Penang Tropical Fruit Farm in Teluk Bahang, Malaysia: A sprawling tropical paradise offers a taste of fruits from...
Inside Roman Emperors’ Outrageously Lavish Dinner Parties
From Nero's revolving dining room to Augustus’s rigged lottery.
Podcast: A Rogue Trip with Amir Siraj
Travel with us to the Atacama Desert in search of a unique observatory.
Youzihu in Green Island, Taiwan
Discover Youzihu in Green Island, Taiwan: The ruins of a prehistoric village hide on a remote Taiwanese island.
10 of the Weirdest, Wildest Museum Stories You'll Ever Read
Illustrator Bob Eckstein shares his favorite strange stories from some of the world's most famous museums.
Missouri’s One-Of-A-Kind Restaurants Offer Delicious Cuisine and a Dose of History
Ribs inside a railcar, filets in a Civil War hospital and wings in an airport hangar – the Show-Me State is full of unique...
'The Gumball Machine' in Wilmington, Delaware
Discover 'The Gumball Machine' in Wilmington, Delaware: In Wilmington's hip Trolley Square neighborhood, a uti...
The Sewer Drain from “IT” in Bangor, Maine
Discover The Sewer Drain from “IT” in Bangor, Maine: This is the sewer drain that was the inspiration for the opening scen...
Self-Tribute Stone of 'Bagga-Sven' in Ballingslöv, Sweden
Discover Self-Tribute Stone of 'Bagga-Sven' in Ballingslöv, Sweden: A confident and eccentric goat farmer boldly p...
Cocaine Bear in Lexington, Kentucky
Discover Cocaine Bear in Lexington, Kentucky: The taxidermied body of a bear that was a casualty of a drug trafficker’s bi...
First Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana
Discover First Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana: The design of this modernist church was revolutionary when it was co...
Ireland's Oldest Postbox in Cork, Ireland
Discover Ireland's Oldest Postbox in Cork, Ireland: Inside Cork's Kent station stands its country's longest-se...
Podcast: A Daring Story of Freedom with Edda Fields-Black
One of the boldest spy operations during the Civil War was led by Harriet Tubman.
Leiston Abbey in Leiston, England
Discover Leiston Abbey in Leiston, England: An abbey dedicated to St. Mary, and homed Canon Regulars following Premonstrat...
K-9 Cemetery in Mabalacat, Philippines
Discover K-9 Cemetery in Mabalacat, Philippines: A memorial for military police dogs in the former U.S. air base.
Poké Lid #100 in Machida, Japan
Discover Poké Lid #100 in Machida, Japan: Cute manhole covers commemorate the hometown of the real-life Ash Ketchum who cr...
Oculus Go Owners Report Error Launching Many Apps
Oculus Go owners report an error is preventing launching many apps, and Meta doesn't seem interested in fixing it.
Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Salesforce form sustainability coalition
Tech giants Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Salesforce have joined together to form the ‘Symbiosis Coalition’, which pledges ...
How the Meta Quest 3 made for the perfect workout partner
If you've always struggled with working out to stay fit, you should checkout the Meta Quest 3 and it's expansive...
Meta created an AI advisory council that’s composed entirely of White men
Meta this week appointed a group of outside advisors to provide guidance on its artificial intelligence strategy. The four...
Meta, X Hit With Patent Suits Over Content-Filtering Methods
An IT company hit Meta Platforms Inc. and X Corp. with patent infringement allegations concerning the social media platfor...
ChatGPT, Google, and Meta Want to Own Your Next Trip
OpenAI, Google, and Meta all made updates to their AI models, which power chatbots that they want to be assistants for tra...
Trisha's air-fryer chicken thighs & salsa: Today
This can be done on the BBQ, but today I will be using the air-fryer.
Is Ireland's Housing Market in a Bubble? Separating Facts from Fear
Prices rising by 7%, some agents saying prices are up as much as 15% Is it a bubble, and will it burst any time soon? Ther...